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Schumann’s resonance

18 marca 2018

March Energies, Ascension Symptoms and ‘The Event’

There were lots of channelings and information regarding March 2018, which expressly stated, that it would be a breakthrough in the whole process of ascension of the Earth from the third to the fifth density. Two intense Full Moons, one of which has already taken place, yesterday’s New Moon, Spring Equinox, which is taking place in two days. On the top of that there are also notorious geomagnetic storms
8 lutego 2018

February Energies And Another Spike Of Schumann’s Resonance

The vibration of our beautiful planet is constantly growing up. Until now February has been and seems to continue to be a very intense month on the energetic level together with all the celestial events which took place or are about to happen. What I mean are the last Super Blue Moon which occurred only a week ago and the coming partial Solar eclipse together
28 stycznia 2018

Ascension and Schumann’s resonance

Today, after a couple of days of break there have been significant spikes in the Schumann’s resonance (the graph is for Tomsk GMT+7 time zone).  Each and every one of you have felt this for sure. What could have accompanied us today was feeling of being lost in time and space what is directly connected with blurring boarders between parallel realities.