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10 sierpnia 2018

This 5-Minute Exercise Will Change Your Life

Neville Goddard was an exceptional teacher and author of many books, he showed people how to create their reality using imagination and emotions. What's more, Goddard also taught how to behave as if the final effect of the manifestation was already part of a person's life. One of the exercises
16 lipca 2018

6 Steps To An Effective Manifestation

Every thought is a powerful form of energy. Your thoughts become words and then deeds. Actions, in turn, become habits that make up your life. It all influences the vibration you have, and vibration has an impact on the reality you experience. There are just 6 steps to an effective manifestation of your reality.
14 stycznia 2018

Channeling Archangel Gabriel – 28/11/2017

13 stycznia 2018

The Universe says YES!