21 września 2018

Energy Update Autumn 2018

We have a beautiful spring this fall. I am not just concerned about the weather, which, however, also evidently undergoes the transformation process at least here in Poland ;)...
20 sierpnia 2018

End Of The Eclipse Season And What Next ?!

As I wrote in the previous article and also in posts on FB, the so-called 'Eclipse season' has come to an end. There were quite a lot of them - namely three - two solar eclipses and one moon eclipse. In addition, on August 8 the portal of the Lion Gate was opened, the energies of which shook the collective very much.
8 lutego 2018

February Energies And Another Spike Of Schumann’s Resonance

The vibration of our beautiful planet is constantly growing up. Until now February has been and seems to continue to be a very intense month on the energetic level together with all the celestial events which took place or are about to happen. What I mean are the last Super Blue Moon which occurred only a week ago and the coming partial Solar eclipse together
30 stycznia 2018

3 Things That You Should Consider During Your Awakening

If you are reading this article it means that you must have awakened, that after years of not seeing the world with your own eyes you have started using them now. No matter at what stage of the ascension process you are there are things which tend to reappear on the path and which we need to shed light on for them to be transformed into Love. As we are now all exposed to higher frequencies arriving at Gaia on regular basis together with every Solar flare, rising Schumann’s resonance
13 stycznia 2018

Ascension update 24/05/2017

13 stycznia 2018

Ascension update 24/12/2016

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