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5 lipca 2018

Old You New You Welcome To The Eclipse Season

I am grateful that I incarnated in times when I can directly, with my five senses (and maybe even more than five;)) experience the change of the vibration of the whole planet that is currently happening. The awakening that we experience collectively as humanity affects everyone without exception. The coming weeks will be quite a significant period in the whole process and will be about that in a moment.
18 marca 2018

March Energies, Ascension Symptoms and ‘The Event’

There were lots of channelings and information regarding March 2018, which expressly stated, that it would be a breakthrough in the whole process of ascension of the Earth from the third to the fifth density. Two intense Full Moons, one of which has already taken place, yesterday’s New Moon, Spring Equinox, which is taking place in two days. On the top of that there are also notorious geomagnetic storms
20 lutego 2018

3 Ways To Enhance Your Intuition

Intuition is very often associated with a kind of supernatural power to foresee the future which is available to those chosen ones only. This conviction itself is in fact one of the factors which block your access to it. Intuition, inner
13 stycznia 2018