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Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening?



My name is Bartek and I help people make their way through a spiritual awakening process and manifest their new, harmonious reality...

Both of us know, that you aren't reading this text by accident. Despite the fact that spiritual awakening is now experienced by thousands of people around the whole world it is still considered a taboo subject.

Let me guess, you are pobably thinking...

'Spiritual awakening?! It is not me!!'

Such reaction is completely natural and I will tell you why...

Many aspects of awakening are about reaching higher states of consciousness and for many years they were associated only with spiritual leaders and people involved in esoterics.

Check it out yourself and answer those questions...


Are you going through MASSIVE changes in different areas of your life (career, relationships, your aims and goals)?

Have your sensitivity increased A LOT.?Can you now sense the energy of people and places?

Do you experience extreme exhaustion and huge boosts of your energy levels which can't be explained in a rationale way?

Do you see repeating sequences of numbers (11:11, 222, 1212, 444, etc.)?

Do your old friends suddenly disappear from your life? Do you start to concentrate on unconditional love in interpersonal relations?

Your INTUITION is telling you that you are experiencing something extraordinary, that you are limitless?Do you have this inner knowing that there is something more?

Do you have mood swings (very HIGH highs, and really low downs) feeling as if you were riding on rollercoaster?

Have your perception and understanding of reality completly changed and now you feel really LONELY?


You Are Not Alone In This!

Did you know that there are thousands of people who, as much as YOU do are undergoing this process?

If you are at the beginning of your journey check out this article which describes what spiritual awakening is.