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21 września 2018

Energy Update Autumn 2018

We have a beautiful spring this fall. I am not just concerned about the weather, which, however, also evidently undergoes the transformation process at least here in Poland ;)...
31 lipca 2018

New Awakening Codes – Lion’s Gate – 8-8 Portal

As every year on August 8, we are all experiencing an interplanetary event which is the opening of the so-called 'Lion's Gate'. What is it actually about? Exactly on this day, Gaia is in perfect alignment to the Galactic Center (27 ° Sagittarius) and to Sirius, thus opening the cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.
7 kwietnia 2018

Make Space For Your Higher Self – April And May Energies

The next month of the transformation process is behind us. A huge wave of energy reached the Earth, what for many people turned out to be very 'uncomfortable' as it pushed us to look deeper into ourselves, and to face our deeply rooted fears and ego programs. In the Universe everything do happen for a reason - even these seemingly unpleasant and difficult experiences. They are triggers that give us an opportunity to deepen self-knowledge, and then to be able to start creating our lives in full harmony with the highest good of the Soul.
11 lutego 2018

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is an internal process leading to your return to reality which is now being experienced by millions of people in the world. Gradually, step by step, commonly after being exposed to an impulse leading to a crack in some pattern in your life, you start to realize that until now you
30 stycznia 2018

3 Things That You Should Consider During Your Awakening

If you are reading this article it means that you must have awakened, that after years of not seeing the world with your own eyes you have started using them now. No matter at what stage of the ascension process you are there are things which tend to reappear on the path and which we need to shed light on for them to be transformed into Love. As we are now all exposed to higher frequencies arriving at Gaia on regular basis together with every Solar flare, rising Schumann’s resonance
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