Awakening Alchemy - UNIVERSE OF LIGHT

Awakening Alchemy Program

Are you going through a spiritual awakening?

You don't know how to fit in the new reality?

Would you like to master your own energy, learn how to heal and instead of being affected by the external influences start to CONSCIOUSLY shape your surroundings?

Stabilize your emotions and instead of mood swings feel deep, inner peace?

Start living in full harmony with yourself, be the way you desire?

Make the Law Of Attraction REALLY work for you, and SIGNIFICANTLY increase the pace of your manifestations?


Create reality that you DESIRE, with NO PRETENDING, using your TRUE potential instead?

1. workingFormula

Proven Formula

What has been kept secret, what was connected with many complicated and unclear processes has been brought together. You are being clearly instructed what to do and how to do it so that you can enjoy your life and realize your dreams!

new paradigm

New Paradigm

The whole process is based on a completely new way of thinking. Your mind will be reprogrammed and you will feel as if you see the world for the first time. Some people search for such formula their whole life, you will learn that in just a couple of weeks.

Supportive Community

I know that it is hard to change anything in your life while being surrounded by the same people who you know for a log time. This is why you are getting access to a community of people who are on the same path as you are, where dreams are not laughed at but fulfilled every day.

Expert Mentorship

Everyone needs help and support when faces new challanges and obstacles. Apart from regular coachng sessions I actively participate in the community group and solve every doubt immediately, you can also expect LIVE Q&A sessions.

6 Week Awakening Alchemy Program is a UNIQUE, based on the latest discoveries in the fields of quantum physics and mechanics, a multidimensional development program during which you will PRACTICALLY learn how to::

- work with your own energy system to become independent of external energies and not give in to the surrounding influences - I am an empath and I perfectly know what it means to "absorb the energy" of the environment and how tough life can get when you do not control it...

- use your own energy field to shape your reality

- control the flow of energy to maintain it at a steady level, thus avoiding energetic ups and downs

- master your emotions and thoughts - I used to be their slave, today I CONSCIOUSLY choose those I want to experience

- reprogram your subconscious mind so that it works in your favor (the subconscious is the voice that often says 'You cannot do it', 'It's not for you', 'You've already tried and failed') and it makes up 80% of all thoughts. It works automatically so it is worth to use it to build THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF instead of blocking YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!

- jump to the parallel reality that exists right next to you, and in which you are WHO YOU WANT TO BE, and not what others expect from you, lead a harmonious and abundant life on all its levels instead of hiding your REAL POSSIBILITIES from the world

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This program is primarily for people who are ready to work independently with themselves and take responsibility for themselves, their lives and decisions. It offers a solid set of tools that can be used on a daily basis also after the course. What's more, I think that after the program there is no return to the old pattern of thinking - this experience of 6 weeks of intense work with oneself opens the door to a new perception of yourself, your place in the world, and experiencing life. The best part is that you go through this door and close it behind you.


The program is just perfect, it helped to become enlightened :-)


I used the system of working with Ayahuasca and a few different systems without names, a real hotchpotch so to say :D. All in all it was groping, grabbing a bit of everything. In all this lacked, clarity and you can say contact with yourself. However, I needed to experience all of this to consciously build and enjoy the construction site of my life. The Awakening Alchemy program, in comparison to my previous experiences, is like a polished, wonderful, beautiful shiny diamond with a pure light, a ray of which reaches deeply transforming and illuminating every corner of the being who chose to experience life on the beloved Gaia.


Bartek hacked the system. I've known the theory myself for many years, I've read a lot of books, and I did not understand why it does not work. The most important thing that Bartek did is that he just believed in it for 100%, showed that it is working, and under hypnosis influenced my subconscious mind so that I began to use this knowledge in practice


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